Monday, December 30, 2013

For the New Year – Immerse Yourself in a Good Book

People often say they read novels to “escape” into another life, or go to another world, or become another person, and for a little while, they leave their worries and cares behind. 

Turns out, there is more Fact to this, than Fiction. 

Last year about this time, I wrote my first blog as a published-author-to-be, titled 2013. I went back and re-read it, and found that it runs in
the same vein as this article. Following is a short excerpt.

“They [authors] entertain the masses by taking them out of their humdrum, everyday existence into the dynamic lives of the people they’d like to be: cops and robbers, astronauts and aliens, witches and warlocks ... hustlers and hookers.
We all wonder ... what would it be like?
The author shows us. Takes us there, and we become that which we seek; if for just a little while. The author has the power to transform our ordinary worlds into something extra-ordinary, and we seek them out in every bookstore we encounter.”

Here I speak of authors, but if you plug in the word ‘books’ nothing changes, because a book is the medium … the magic wand, the door to another world.

Embedded is a link to the article from MailOnline: How a book really can change your life, by Sarah Griffiths (Thanks Ken). It tells of a study by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, and how they used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to see the effects that reading a good book has, and how it can “transport” the reader.

Hopefully this post will do the same.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year, everyone!

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