Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father’s Day – 2015

I woke this morning about 7:15, Maggie was on her morning run, Murphy lay in the living room waiting for her, and the sun beat through the bedroom window with an annoying persistence that I swore was intentional.

Queue the pillow.

Next thing I knew, Maggie was milling about, albeit quietly, rooting through drawers for something other than running attire.

“What time is it,” I groaned.

There’s something inherently unfair about that.
“Happy Father’s Day!”

I had forgotten, having spent the day yesterday with my son and daughter, and my awesome grandkids. More on that in a minute.

“Father’s Day,” I repeated. “That’s right.”
“So,” she continued, “do you want breakfast before I go to church? I assume you’re not going today?”
“Yeah. I thought I’d skip today. I figured God would give me a pass, being a Father himself ‘n all. 
I can wait till you get back. I’ll just make some coffee and do a little writing.”
“OK,” she said. “You can watch your morning shows while I make breakfast. I thought I’d make you a fruit smoothie.”
“A what? Don’t we have any bacon? Any eggs?”
“I thought you wanted to eat healthier.”
“Well, yeah … but not on Father’s Day.”

So, about yesterday.

With married children, comes two (or more) sets of parents, and visitation on these special Hallmark days can be a scheduling challenge. So, in order to accommodate everyone, we split the weekend. I find it best to book my side of the “holiday” early (like a month early), and on the Saturday side of the weekend in order to leave Sunday, my absolute favorite day of the week, open.  Now since the two boys are almost school age, and the little girl, the one who stole my heart, is almost three, and because I just love the animated movies Pixar produces, that’s what I decided I wanted to do for Father’s Day. I treated everyone to the movies.

We saw Inside Out, and before I left the theater, I knew I would pay to see it again. It was hands down the best Pixar movie of the Pixar bunch, and that’s saying something.

Without giving anything away, the premise was one of emotions personified in the mind of young Riley Anderson: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. These characters appear one at a time as the story progresses, as do her surroundings: family, friends, school, sports, all parts of her personality represented by islands, bridged to her mind through associated short, long, and core memories.

The writing is just brilliant.

I cheated just a little and read a terrific review, and noted something that I didn’t pick up on, but actually knew all along. I will not try to paraphrase it here as I could do it no justice, so I have linked it from this page. But I will say that this is a story about growing up, about the trials and tribulations we all go through to one degree or another. It’s about being a kid. It’s about being a parent. It’s about being human. You will laugh, you will cry (yeah, even you big guy), but mostly, you will walk away with a renewed appreciation for those you love.

Go see the movie.
Love your family.
Life is far too short.     

Best Regards,

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