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DB Corey's Infrequent Newsletter - Vol. 2 March 2016

DB Corey's
Infrequent Newsletter!
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Vol. 2 
March 2016 
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The Infrequent News


Some months ago, my publisher, Intrigue, told me that Harlequin Publishing was interested in re-releasingChain of Evidence for their Worldwide Library Worldwide Mystery Collection.

I always thought of Harlequin as a publisher of Romance novels. Shows what I know. It seems they cover every genre across the spectrum.

I am flattered, to say the least.

Proof of Death… 
His retirement and what's left of his career are at stake. But Detective Sergeant Moby Truax is determined to prove his young captain wrong. Truax is convinced the recent deaths of beautiful young women are the work of a copycat, not the serial killer he's been pursuing. There's nothing to link these victims to the older women who'd already lost their lives to the Cyanide Killer…despite the evidence. 
The case is tangled enough without FBI special agent Frances Vecchio interfering. Especially when her unorthodox methods set Truax against Baltimore's ruthless power brokers…and goad a savage murderer to up his game. Now Truax must put his instincts in play to save innocent lives—even as an obsessed killer lies in wait to take his…

Novel #2 Is Ready!

The Lesser Sin 
(Sneak Peak Here)

The next effort is complete, edited and everything, and as you can see, I've decided on a title (Thanks Maggie).

Since Harlequin took such an interest in my 1st novel, I thought I'd see how they felt about my 2nd before self-publishing. 

The Lesser Sin - a tale of a murdered woman, a corrupt judicial system, and a sister driven to right the wrong done her family. 

Hanna Braver is a CIA sniper in the service of her country. A devout Catholic, she prays for forgiveness with every enemy life she takes. But when the judicial system bends the rules to acquit her sister’s killer, she crosses the line and seeks from God, through her childhood priest, permission to carry out the death sentence he so richly deserves. For the sake of her immortal soul, the priest denies her absolution for a sin she has yet to commit. Furious with the priest, with God, and the Church, she ignores the priest’s counsel and sets out to avenge her sister.
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