Monday, January 14, 2013


Yet another New Year. For me, the 64th of 64.
A bit late to start a writing career, wouldn’t you think? But I say, why not! Because as it is with each New Year, 2013 rings in with the promise and the celebration and the optimism of a new birth.
Is it a fresh start? You betcha! With all the potential and promise of a new day. Every New Year is. If they weren’t, what would we have? We may as well just go behind the barn and shoot ourselves ... unless we bought Apple at six.

In 2005, someone told me that I was a good writer, that my emails were compelling, and suggested that I write a book.
Write a book.
     That’s what authors do.
     That’s how authors make their living. They entertain the masses by taking them out of their humdrum, everyday existence into the dynamic lives of the people they’d like to be: cops and robbers, astronauts and aliens, witches and warlocks ... hustlers and hookers.
     We all wonder ... what would it be like?
     The author shows us.  Takes us there, and we become that which we seek; if for just a little while. The author has the power to transform our ordinary worlds into something extra-ordinary, and we seek them out in every bookstore we encounter.

2013 is my new day, for in August I will have finally attained the goal of “published author.” But nothing on this road has been easy: the writing, the rewriting, the submissions, the rejections, the rejections, the rejections. I often wonder how I stayed with it; maybe because I never really thought I’d ever make it, or maybe because someone very special prodded me not to quit. But whatever the reason, I have reached the first level.
Now comes the hard part.
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DB Corey

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