Sunday, February 24, 2013

Chain of Evidence - Book Release

Yesterday I met with Intrigue Publishing regarding the Chain of Evidence release in August. In effect, it’s a get together of friends, family, and others to herald the launch of the new novel. We will be holding it at Two Rivers Steakhouse in Pasadena Maryland, by invitation. Of course, I expect their regular customers will be curious as to what all the hubbub is about and will amble over to see. Hopefully, they’ll be fans of crime thrillers, and if they are, perhaps they’ll pick up a copy while they’re there. Of course, I’ll be only more than happy to sign it for them if they wish, but I gotta tell ya, being new to the publishing game, that sounds a bit pompous to me. Of course, if the novel turns out to be a huge success, a signed first edition could be quite valuable. I won’t be holding my breath, but one never really knows, do they? I mean, look what happened to 50 Shades of something or other.
I am of the understanding that the intention is not to sell the novel, but to promote it; although if some enthusiastic reader wants a copy I doubt we’ll deny them. According to the marketing director, she’ll be sending invitations to all local media, she’s lined up radio, web, and perhaps TV interviews, will have a video trailer produced, set up author (that’s me) interviews, and other things that I don’t remember. It’s all just a little bit scary.

I guess it was two years ago I looked into publishing the novel myself. Now I’m not talking about print-on-demand, most of those are bogus. I’m talking about actually forming a legitimate publishing company, deciding what format the book would take, selecting materials, hiring an editor, printers, artists, publicists, acquiring ISBN numbers, copyrights, ordering galley copies, marketing marketing marketing, and a plethora of other forgotten things. I know of two writers who have accomplished this Herculean feat, and were quite successful: Vince Flynn and Trice Hickman, the latter of whom is a local author, and conducted conference call class on the subject, of which I attended. To say the task is daunting is to say the sun will rise in the morning. It was far too much for me to take on. Writing the novel was hard enough.

So I am ecstatic to have been picked up by Intrigue. They will handle all that, thankfully. All I have to do now is be where they want me, do what they tell me, and hopefully, we’ll sell a book or two.

DB Corey
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