Monday, November 23, 2015

DB Corey's Infrequent Newsletter - Vol. 1

DB Corey's
Infrequent Newsletter!
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Vol. 1
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The Infrequent News

Hey Guys & Dolls,

I've heard that readers are curious as to when my next book is coming out. They want to know what it’s about, what the title is, where they can get a copy. So in an effort to stay in touch with those fine folks, I have decided to utilize a tried and true irritant.

I, as much as anyone, hate the daily bombardment of info-whatevers pushing merchandise I do not want, services I do not need, and a plethora of miscellaneous items I would have to switch genders to use; but considering that some of you actually want to know about the progress I am making with the new manuscript, not to mention when it will be available as a paperback or an ebook, I’ve decided to employ that most dreaded form of communiquethe newsletter.

I thought this the most efficient, most vilified, method to keep those who want to know, informed. I do not intend to send on a daily, or weekly, or even a monthly schedule, but only as events with the manuscript warrant. I’ll keep it informative and interesting, and maybe toss in a bit of humor here and there.

Should you care to continue receiving these infrequent, yet most enlightening and brilliantly written literary works concerning developments and/or setbacks of my next book, please sign up HERE. I promise not to bombard you with a bunch of worthless crap.

And so, moving right along—

Some of you may already know that I have spent a year writing #2. What you maynot know is that I spent another year looking for an agent; a year that turned out to be a total waste of time. So, after trading sea-stories with several authors at the C3 writers conference in Baltimore, I decided to self-publish this one.

On the recommendation of a fellow author who actually makes money, I hired a professional editor and the manuscript (title undecided) is now in his capable hands. I am reviewing his feedback and applying changes as needed. Next step- the final edit. That will begin in three-to-four weeks, just in time to remove more $$$
 from my wallet before Christmas. But it's worth the money to publish a quality novel, and I will keep everyone posted on its progress ... assuming you sign up for DB Corey's Infrequent Newsletter.  

In Case You're Curious:
The story centers around a woman of Faith. A Catholic girl. She is a warrior, a CIA sniper in the Afghan war. Her sister is brutally murdered and the killer is released on insufficient evidence. Needless to say, the Catholic girl is pissed.

Now, I am contemplating several titles for the new novel and I seek your opinion on which of the following you would like to see on the cover.
Possible titles:

"A Lesser Sin"

“Bless Me, Father”

“For I Have Sinned”

“Into Eternal Fire"

I thought some of you might like a look at my workshop. It's nothing special, not the big studio some name writers have. But it's cozy, and works for me.

That's Zeake beside the desk. I've written him into the next novel.
But I must warn you....
It's sad, because it's true.

Please drop me a line with your preference,
or, if you have a suggestion for something better, let me know.
If I use it, you'll get a credit mention for the title, along with a PERSONALIZED COPY of the novel, my compliments. I'll even pay the shipping.

I hate SPAM as much as anyone, so you will get none from me.

Only cool stuff.

Best Regards, 

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