Saturday, August 17, 2013


Well, I suppose you know by now that the Chain of Evidence book launch at Two Rivers Steak House in Pasadena, Maryland went off without a hitch, thanks in no small part to the efforts of Maggie and Mary and Delaney and Michelle. Lots of ‘M’ names for sure. Now I get a chance to sit back and see what I’m made of, or more exactly, what the novel is made of. The reviews are starting to trickle in, and I won’t burden you with them here, but should you care to read a few, you’ll find them on 

So far, the reception is good. One 3 star (on Goodreads—a rating, not a review), one 4 star and the rest 5 star on Amazon and others. Above average, I’d say, and four of those are professional reviews. 

Now it’s true I know a goodly portion of the folks writing the Amazon reviews, and I don’t count the ones I wrote for myself (kidding). I fully expected those folks to be positive and encouraging, and to some degree, liars. But they tell me they are being honest and speak the truth, so I believe them.  

Then I hear from folks I don’t know—and these are the ones who really surprise me—people who I wouldn’t know if I fell over them, people who heard of the book through word of mouth, or saw it in the paper, or read it because a “local” guy wrote it. One gal downloaded it to her Kindle, read it in two days, and liked it so much she asked me to send her a signed copy that she would gladly pay for.  

Blew me away.  

I’ve been hearing from folks I haven’t seen in twenty-five years. They’re finding me on LinkedIn and Facebook and readers are telling me how good the novel is, and how much they enjoy the local flavor, and want to know if the next one will be #2 in a series because the liked the protag. Some say they thought they had it figured out only to find they hadn’t. Others had inklings, and so far, no one has thrown the book across their living room.   

Most say that they can’t wait for the next one, and brother, I’m hoping I ain’t wakin’ up no time soon. 

The feedback is awesome and quite humbling, and the Intrigue folks told me this would happen last year when this all began— 

But Maggie, the love of my life, says I’m turning into a Diva.  

"You need a bigger office," she says. "To fit your head."

It’s not true, of course …
… just because I redecorated my office with pictures of me….

 OK … I’m only kidding.

 There’s just one.

 Poster size.

So Cloud 9 is way up there. And I’m on it. But I’ll be back down soon.
Maggie insists I keep my feet on the ground, and I always listen to Maggie.

Besides, it’s hard to write way up here.


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