Friday, August 23, 2013

What Was It Like? - An Interview with Cyrus Webb -

Last Sunday evening I was fortunate enough to spend a little time on BlogTalkRadio-Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb, internationally known TV and radio host, to discuss my first novel, Chain of Evidence.
This was no small event … not for me at any rate.
Cyrus rubs elbows with the likes of Jackie Collins, Oprah, Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead, and more top-flight artists, entertainers and authors than I can mention here—and he actually interviewed me about the novel!
It was a very big deal, and all day, I was fine. Until I called in.
I began to sweat, because I was nervous—and I’m almost never nervous. Years ago I wrote a column for One of the local FM talk show hosts had me on several times to talk about the material I reported on, and after a couple of minutes, the butterflies disappeared along with the stutter in my voice and the chirpy-quick speech pattern.
But that was a column I did for fun. I was never too serious about it, even though some of the subject matter occasionally qualified as such. I just didn’t get too excited. Now I have a book published, and folks like it, professional book reviewers like it, it holds 5-Stars on Amazon, and I’m still trying to get used to all of this.
When the Intrigue folks set up the interview with Cyrus, I mentioned it to one of the site managers I work with.
“Oh yeah," he said. "I know him.”
That was my first inkling that this was a big deal. I tried not to think about it, and honestly, there was so much going on the past few months that I didn’t have the time to dwell on it.
Then the book launch was over. It was a great success, and I took a week to bask in the glow, as they say. Silly me … I should have practiced speaking without saying, “UMM, and UHH” every other word, and I should have not used a headset. Being “I-talian,” as Maggie says, I tend to use Italian-speak and move my hands and my head and everything else above my shoulders when I talk ... everything except my brain. Had I moved that more, I wouldn't have done all those other things.
But, always gracious, Cyrus said to me the next day via Facebook, “You did great, DB. Was glad to have you on the show.”
See? Gracious.
So I am busily working on the next effort, and if I'm fortunate enough to again to be on with Cyrus Webb, I will be ready. 
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