Monday, August 5, 2013

Someone Far More Important

Last Saturday afternoon I launched my very first novel, Chain of Evidence; an achievement that I am extremely proud of, and one I would normally write about here. But I will wait several days to discuss it, and I beg the indulgence of those who attended, as it will be a little while before I can send out the emails expressing my gratitude for their presence and support. Because today, I am in mourning. 

I discovered today that one of my childhood heroes —Artie Donovan of The 1958 World Champion Baltimore Colts—passed away yesterday at age 89, so anything I might write about myself or my activities falls well short in substance and importance, in comparison to that great man.

Art Donovan played Defensive Tackle for the Colts in the 50s and 60s. And he was a character; larger than life itself, and beloved by all. He was a regular guy, and played football before the sport made instant millionaires out of kids today, turning them into prima donnas that donned fancy football uniforms and squeal because someone actually tackled them. He didn’t celebrate sacks or tackles or showboat for his play on the field, dismissing the Hollywood crap that today’s players love to indulge in to draw attention to themselves. He just did his job and played the game the way it was meant to be played; hard-nosed, and without complaint. 

The radio and TV stations were abuzz with stories and Donovan colloquialisms all through my ride into work, and although I never met the man, he was like the uncle that came to your house twice a year and sneaked you a beer when your mother wasn't looking. He had too much of the kind of fun that was frowned upon in those days. That's why I feel like I've known him for years. I would be hard pressed to attempt my own faulty remembrances of so long ago, so instead of that, I have elected to allow anyone and everyone reading this blog to experience Artie for themselves though the magic in the internet.

Rest well, Artie. We will all miss you.

 Tell it like it is, Artie.... Like it is.
And good night.