Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Perfect Saturday

Saturday, August 26, 2017.

Few days in my life turned out as good as today: the birth of my children, the birth of my grandchildren, becoming a published author, marrying the woman Fate had in mind, and a warm summer afternoon with my wife, my dogs, and my fourth grandchild.

Maggie is babysitting her first grandchild today (my fourth), and although he is not my blood, he is my grandchild nonetheless—#4 to be exact. So today I sat back and watched Maggie take the persona of Grandmom, Nana, Granny, and a multitude of other names for the one who delights in taking care of their offspring’s offspring. I liken it to being happier than a pig in s#*!.

“Grandma.” The word evokes images of gray-haired old ladies sitting in rockers, knitting shawls and blankets and sweaters. Not in my house. Maggie is young. Younger than me. And beautiful. But she stresses about babysitting her first-born grandson.

Maggie wants so badly to be the Grand-mom she thinks she should be. What she doesn’t realize is, she’s already that Grand-mom. I watch her hover over that baby like a Guardian Angel, keeping him away from things that might harm him or make him cry … like Murphy, our 105-lb Chocolate Lab. Murphy would never intentionally harm the baby, and would probably risk his own life to protect him, but his sheer size, like a furry dinosaur, intimidates the child. But as the day progressed, the baby decided he liked Murphy, and the two of them got along famously as they shared toys in the kiddy pool.

As the sun beat down on the backyard, Maggie directed me to transplant the large beach-type umbrella covering the picnic table to the spot where I set up the kiddie pool. It was easier than draining the pool, moving it, and filling it again, so no problem.

Afterward I sat back on the back deck, taking in the blue of the sky, the reach of the trees, and the perfect summer day God had given me to enjoy the Blessings He had bestowed upon me: a good wife, my fourth grandchild, a good living, a great dog, and health enough to appreciate it all.

I pray that our Lord similarly blesses all those reading this blog.

Best Regards,